How to Use your iPhone as a Remote Camera for the iPad

If you have one of the first generation iPads then you might be a bit disappointed by the fact that it does not have a built-in camera. Sulk no more! If you have an iPhone (3Gs model and above) or an iPod 4G you can make its camera into that of your iPad.

To make your iPhone's camera into a wireless camera for your iPad you only need to download two simple apps; Camera A and Camera B. Camera A will set you back 99 cents but at least you'll get Camera B for free. You just need to install Camera A on the iPhone and B on the iPad. To use the app you need to turn on the Bluetooth for both devices and then open the camera apps, and ta-da! Your iPad can now see the world through the eyes of your iPhone!

You can now take pictures and save them directly on your iPad, or you can also choose to save it on both devices. Now you can actually take pictures will holding the iPhone above your head, and when you're taking self-portraits you can see whether you are inside the frame or not. And thanks to this nifty device, you can now take group pictures with you actually in them! Just prop the iPhone on a desk and look at the iPad to check if it’s at the right angle, now position yourself inside the frame and press the camera button on the iPad.

Camera A and Camera B are now available for download at the App Store, remember that they only support later devices like the iPhone 3Gs, 4, and 4s, and the iPod 4G.

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