How to Update Your iOS Wirelessly

Before, when you wanted to update to the latest version of the iOS you need to connect your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to a computer that has iTunes installed via a USB cable. But now thanks to the new iOS 5 you can actually get updates wirelessly, here's how:

1. You need to connect your device to a Wi-Fi connection. You need a Wi-Fi connection because the files you need to download for the update are too large for any 3g networks. And you also need to make sure that you have a full charge on your iDevice because downloading and installing the updates will use up a lot of your batteries' juice.

2. After connecting to a wireless network you just need to tap on Settings and then on the General tab. You will find that there is now a new menu that was not in the previous iOS versions, the Software Update option. Scroll down until you reach the Download and Install button, tap on it and it will ask if you wish to download the update via Wi-Fi, just tap on Yes and the entire update process will start.

3. You just need to wait until the update package is finished downloading and then you just tap on install. Your screen will turn black with an Apple logo in the middle with a progress bar at the bottom, when this bar fills up then your device is done updating to the latest iOS 5 version.

Software updates do not always go as planned; there are problems sometimes so you need to go to Recovery Mode to revert back to the previous working iOS version, and if things go really bad you may need to go into DFU mode. But if all goes well then you are free to enjoy your brand spanking new iOS.

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