How to Effectively Use the Older iPhones' Voice Command Feature

If you are like most people who owns an iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 then you may not even know that there is a voice command feature in your phone, much less know what it can do, so to help you get familiarized with this feature on the iPhone here is a list of several things you can use it for.

If you do not know how to access the voice control function, you just have to hold down the home button, or the middle button on the included earbuds with volume controls, until you hear a beep and a voice prompt.

Making a Call

“Call (person's name or saying the number)” - This will access your phonebook and place a call to your intended contact.


Here are some commands you can use to play music using the voice command:

“Play” or “Play Music” - This will open up the iPod if it's not open yet and then play the first song on your device.

“Pause”, “Next Song”, “Previous Song”, “Shuffle” - These are some of the basic navigation commands.

“Play Song (artist name, playlist name, or album name)” - This will play the songs by a certain artist, or in a certain album or playlist.

“What's Playing?” - This will cause the iPhone to tell you some information about the currently playing track.

Miscellaneous Commands

Besides playing music, there are some other functions of the voice controls that are not really useful for most people. For example “What time is it? Or What's the Time?” will tell you time, which is actually not that useful if you are not visually impaired.

This voice command feature is a far cry from Siri just based on what it can do, but until the time that Siri can get ported to older devices, this old school voice command feature will have to do.

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