How to Customize your iPhone's On-screen Keyboard

Are you tired of seeing just a white keyboard every time you type on your iPhone, wouldn't you want to at least change its color for a bit of a change from the usual? Now you can do so just by downloading an app called Color Keyboard from the Cydia Store. Yes, you read it right, the Color Keyboard app could only be used in Jail broken iPhones and iPads, so if you are still using a factory set iDevice then you are out of luck, you are stuck with the drab white keyboard.

One of the faults in iDevices like the iPhone and the iPad is the lack of customization options. Sure you can change the background wallpaper and also change the lock screen as well, but that's all. You cannot change the border colors, you can't even change the fonts used by the phone, well not unless you have your iDevice jail broken. Once your device gets jail broken the customization options suddenly becomes endless. Though you have to do this on your own risk since jail breaking will void the device's warranty.

Using the Color Keyboard app on a jail broken iPhone or iPad you can change the colors of each individual keys, and even put graphics on the keyboard's background. You can use the app to give your own flair to your device. Using this nifty little app you can truly customize the colors and looks of your iPhone's keyboard to reflect your own colorful personality. Now you are no longer stuck with the bland, colorless keyboard that came with the phone.

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