Hardest Game Ever – Frustration Made Fun

A great iOS game does not necessarily mean that it needs cool 3D graphics and killer sounds; sometimes it's only about how enjoyable the game really is. A good example of a game that has very rudimentary graphics but can offer hours of fun is the Hardest Game Ever, also known as 0.02s PRO.

As you can probably tell from the title, this game is really, and I mean really hard. The Hardest Game Ever for the iPhone and other iDevices consists of multiple mini games that not only test your mental capacity, but also your reflexes and fast judgment skills. When the developers named this game they were certainly not kidding about how hard this game really is. There are games where you are required to solve simple mathematical problems; the catch is that you have to solve them within a few seconds. There is also an egg flipping game where you need to wait until the right moment to when the egg is cooked and then you flip the pan to turn over the egg, but you need to be quick since your time is measured in just milliseconds!

The mini games in the Hardest Game Ever are so simple, and sometimes they are also pretty stupid, but for some reason you will find them completely enjoyable. Maybe it's the wide variety of games you can choose from, or maybe it's the thrill of trying to beat a seemingly impossible time, whatever the reason may be, the Hardest Game Ever is surely one of the best games being offered now in the App Store.

So if you're looking for a way to pass the time, then you might want to download the Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s PRO. A word of caution though: this app is not recommended for those with weak hearts or an extremely short temper.

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