App Trouble? Restart!

Have you ever installed an app on your iPhone or iPad only to find out that: a. the app will not start for you or, b. the app works fine for a couple of minutes then just plain freezes on you? Most likely you have experienced both. So what should you do when these things happen? Go to the review page of the app and give it a zero stars rating? Or maybe you would like to give a scathing review of the product stating? Well these are all well and good but an even better idea is to try to make the apps work for you.

Yes, there are some times when the app crashes because of really buggy programming, but there are times when a simple device reboot is all that you need to do. Though you may find it hard to believe, and I am saying this in a very sarcastic tone, iOS devices are far from perfect. There are some apps where you may need to restart the device to make it function properly.

How to Restart

Restarting the iPhone, iPod, and iPad are pretty much the same since they all share the same controls. To restart your device you just need to hold both the home button and the sleep button (the button at the top of your gadget) for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds you will see your screen go black, at this point you should release both buttons, and then you will see the Apple logo, your device is now restarting.

Now that you have restarted the device, try running the troublesome app again, there is a 90 percent chance that it will now run without any problems whatsoever; if not then you have no choice but to wait for future updates which will hopefully have bug fixes.

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