AC/DC Pinball Rocks – Big Guns and a Heck of a Lot More

Only a couple of things in this world can really be considered as timeless, two of which is rock and roll, and pinball, and now both of them can be found in one iOS game, AC/DC Pinball Rocks by Gameprom.

In AC/DC Pinball, well, it's pretty explanatory, you play pinball on an AC/DC themed arcade machine. Once you open the game, the sheer amount of detail will be enough to blow your brains. The graphics are beautifully crafted, from the flames and lightning bolts drawn on the base, up to all the rails, plungers, and bumpers, literally all the bells and whistles that make a great pinball game is inside AC/DC Pinball Rocks.

The physics inside the game are very realistic as well, the ball moves smoothly through the table, and it actually behaves like it would in real life. The game also features a lot of props that are related to AC/DC's popular songs, like a real highway to hell, you can also ring hell's bells, and of course there are also some big guns.

But you cannot call it a real AC/DC game if we do not talk about the head banging, window shaking soundtrack. First of all you are greeted with the voice of Brian Johnson, the shorts-wearing lead vocalist of the band, telling you to start the game, and sometimes if you play really well, Brian will tell you that you rock! You are also treated to sick guitar licks while you play, making AC/DC Pinball Rocks not only a treat for the eyes, it can also blow out your eardrums; which is why it is recommended that you play this game using a great pair of earphones stuck on your head.

Even if you are too young to even remember AC/DC and their music, you will surely become a fan after playing a couple of rounds of AC/DC Pinball.

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