A Welcome Blast From the Past – GTA III for the iOS

The controversial game that started the whole adult-based video game market is now finally available for download at the App Store. Yes, Grand Theft Auto 3 from Rockstar games celebrates its tenth year anniversary (has it really been that long) by porting the game onto the iOS platform. Now you can enjoy doing drive-bys, beating up prostitutes, and committing all kinds of felonies that in the real world would land you in the big house.

In the very unlikely chance that you are not all that familiar with the game, you play as a newly-released former inmate that is trying to get a name for yourself in the seedy world of crime. You need to do a lot of odd jobs offered to you by different people in the game, tasks like collecting on a loan from a pimp or stealing a certain car and then stowing it away in your safe house, things like that, oh and you also have to avoid getting caught by the police in the process.

Fans that are used to using a controller to move around the sandbox world of GTA III will invariably have to learn how to maneuver using touch controls, which will either make them, hate it or love it immensely. But besides the new touch controls nothing much has changed from the original console game, it is still a bucket load of intense violence and fun!

If you're looking for a complete blast from the past, or you just like mindless violence mixed in with a little sex, then you should not miss out on getting Grand Theft Auto III. The game is available for both the iPhone and the iPad and costs right around 5 dollars to download from the App Store.

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