3 Simple Tips That Will Fix the iOS 5.0 Wi-Fi Problem... Hopefully

As if the battery drain problem was not a big enough problem for the iOS 5, there are now also quite a few users who complain about their phones having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks after upgrading to the new operating system. This is yet another problem that users hope will get fixed when Apple releases the new iOS 5 update soon.

Until that time comes here are several things you can do that will hopefully fix the problem:

  1. Reboot the phone – You can do this by holding the home and sleep button at the same time for about ten seconds or until the Apple logo appears. Once the reboot is complete check if your Wi-Fi connection got restored.
  2. Forget the current network – Go to settings > Wi-Fi and then tap on the connection you are using and then select “forget this network”; this will remove the network from the list. After removing the network you just need to re-join and hopefully it will fix the problem.
  3. Reset network settings – This will clear all of your Wi-Fi and cellular data settings so you have to enter them all over again. Tap on settings > general > reset, and then choose “reset network settings” from the list. After the device restarts try locating the Wi-Fi network again and see if this fixes the problem.

If have already tried these steps and found that they don't help at all with the Wi-Fi problem, then you may need to revert your device back to the more stable iOS 4.3 version and just wait for the new iOS 5.1 that will hopefully provide a fix to all the problems. But if you have an iPhone 4s then you should just have it checked out at the Apple Store and let them have a crack at it.

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