Top 9 Apple products

Apple Inc, formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc, has been around since 1976. Yes, they have been around for the past 35 years and they are still growing strong. Apple has been the innovation for some of the greatest technology devices that has grace our fingers and the palms of our hands.

They have helped us out in tough situations, organizing our lives as well as entertaining our minds. Join me as I identify the top ten Apple products out on the market.

  1. Apple II – The release date for this computer was 1977. Steve Wozniak, built this personal computer by hand. How impressive is that! In 1979 this was the fast selling computer on the market.
  2. The Macintosh – January 1984 was the release date of the Mac 128K. This was released with a bang in a car launch.
  3. The iMac – This was the product that made the Apple a household name. This was released in 1998.
  4. The iPod – This was another devices that rocked the core of technology music devices as well as changed the image of Apple from a simple computer company to an electronics giant. This was released in 2001.
  5. The iPod nano – Reinvented in 2010, this was a much smaller version of the iPod, weighs less and much lighter.
  6. The iPhone – If you thought Apple had done it all think again. Steve Jobs still had a few tricks up his sleeve. One of those being the iPhone. Released in 2007, this product shot all other Apple products out of the water.
  7. iTunes – Unveiled in 2001, iTunes allowed persons to listen to music digitally.
  8. The iPad – There wasn’t a market for the iPad but of course that did not stop Apple from getting a market for this product. Other companies were innovated by this product and tried creating their own tablets, but nothing came close to the Apple iPad
  9. iOS App Store – First launched July 2008. It was because of the Apple Store that the iPhone became such a huge success. The store also created a new market for software development.

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