The Pros of buying an iPod Touch for your child

Is your child the only one among their friends that don’t own an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Is your child constantly pressuring you to get them an iPod touch and you are caving under the pressure? Well that’s understandable because children these days, know what they want and will go after it until they get it.

If you are worried about the bad influence that an iPod Touch has on your child, then it’s time you knew all the good things that the iPod Touch has to offer.

A parent always want know if whatever it is they are giving their child has any educational use to it. I’m telling the truth, right! It doesn’t matter what it is, a boat, a car even a stuffed animal, and if it doesn’t have an educational purpose parents find one.

So here are the pros of buying an iPod Touch for your child

  • Of course the first thing on the list is educational apps. With an iPod Touch your child will have access to tons of educational apps. Don’t worry, not all of them you would have to pay for, some of them are free! They may not use them as often as you would like but they’ll use it often enough
  • The iPod Touch without a doubt is an entertainment device. This may be a necessary evil but will get you through those long car rides and any place your child has to long waits.
  • With every techno device that they create they ensure that parents can control what their children do on the device. These parental controls are great because it limits content from the web, as well as allows the parent to see the ratings of materials that they child watch. And don’t worry, unless your child is a hacker you won’t have to worry about them gaining access to what you don’t want them to.

So there you have it. The only person to convince you now is yourself. Do what you think is best for your child based on their maturity and how responsible they are. Good luck!

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