The iPhone, apps and the business man

A friend of mine recently opened a company which deals with visual effects. Things are going quite well, his business really has boomed within the last couple of months. I decided to help him out with a little research on what devices, as well as software would be useful to him on his successful journey.

Guess what device I came across, none other than the iPhone. The iPhone however cannot stand on its own. In order for it be useful, it has to come with apps geared towards the businessman. Guess what it does!

Here are some great apps that would help the businessman get through the day.

The first thing that should be installed on any device, that has personal information is a password, obviously for security reasons. iPassword an award winning app that ensures that all your files on your iPhone are safe. To be able to install this however, you would need to have iOS 3.1 or a later version of it, on your iPhone.

The next app on the list is FTP on the Go. This would be a great app for him, because he does have a website, and this app would help him to keep connected. Even if he’s not at his desk or has a laptop in front of him. The iPhone is a lot more convenient at times. It’s not as large as a laptop, which makes it easier to handle especially if you are in a taxi or subway.

This last one, is one he would definitely be grateful for. This is the Air Sharing app. I know for sure that he has already filled a one tera byte drive, as well as his storage on his computer is almost full. He already has a Dropbox account so this would be great for him. He would not have to carry is hard drive with him wherever he goes, because he can get access to his files Dropbox or his hard drive. You can also gain access to Amazon S3 and Apple’s Mobile Me as well.

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