Taking Panorama Photos using the iOS 5

There's a hidden Easter egg in the new iOS 5 that allows iPhone 4 and 4s users to take beautiful panorama photos by connecting 3 separate shots together. Sadly, there is no way you can access this hidden feature if your iPhone is not jail broken yet. So if you have a jail broken iPhone 4 or 4s, here is how you can make it take panorama photos.

There is an easy way and a not-so-easy way you can enable panorama mode in your iPhone 4 or 4s, and iPad 2, let's start with the easy way first. If you have a jail broken iPhone 4 all you need to do is open up Cydia, and then search for and download the program called Firebreak. This little program will automatically tweak your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to allow the panorama mode in the camera program.

The not-so-easy way is only recommended for those of you who are confident about their basic hacking skills. You need to download and install on your PC or Mac the iExplorer program; this allows your iDevice to be read like an ordinary USB device when it gets plugged into your computer. You now have to access the device's file, drag down to the location where it says EnableFirebreak, and just change the entry to “Yes”.

After doing the above steps you will now find that the panorama mode is already unlocked in your iDevice. Though do not be so surprised when you first use the panorama mode, you need to have a really steady hand in order to take great pictures with it since there is no image stabilizer option in this mode. This may be the reason why Apple decided to leave this option out when they released iOS 5, but still you have to admit that it is a pretty cool Easter egg.

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