Suitable apps for the workplace

Sometimes we tend to drag ourselves out of bed every morning, just to go to work. Why, because there is so much to do at the office sometimes, and not enough time to do it with. With running from your cubicle, to the printer, then to your boss’ office, could be quite tiring. By the end of the day you are worn out, and it doesn’t help knowing that it will all happen again tomorrow.

Here are a few apps that may be able to help you in your work place.

  • This app is great for taking notes at an impromptu meeting at the office, the Penultimate. This not only allows to take notes but also to draw graphs as well. No longer do you have to play cat and mouse with paper and a pen. All you have to do is pull out your iPad and be on your way.
  • Another great app for iPad is the GoodReader. No longer do you have to carry those bulky documents home from the office. GoodReader automatically stores your documents that are in your email, as well as if you have a wireless sync desktop program (shared network). No need to worry about program formatting since ttttthis app covers most formats –Office, iWork, PDF.
  • Of course with all system networking, as well as important documents that you will be carrying on your iPad, having a password is essential. This is where the 1Password comes into play. No need to worry about the protection of your documents once you have installed this app to your iPad.
  • Because there is always so much to do at the office, and so little time, you may get side tracked a bit. Have no fear Todo is here. This app for the iPad helps you to keep a track of as well as mange, deadlines and projects. Also store important dates as well.

No longer do you have to feel overwhelmed. As long as you have an iPad everything is going to be all right!

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