Should you protect the screen of your smartphone?

This is quite a debatable topic since customers expect the best quality from Apple. Apple removed all its protectors, film as well as plastic, despite its popularity among the smartphone population. Though no reason was given, it is assumed that Apple wants to prove the durability of their screens on these devices.

Apple does offer an iPad case for the cost of $39, which seems quite pricey. This would be the price you would have to pay in order to protect your iPad from harm! Other companies sell the film that you can place on your iPad, but this could be kind of tricky to put on since some persons state that tiny bubbles are formed while trying to put it on themselves.

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you would realise that despite Apple’s effort to prove that they made these screens from a high quality material, they tend to still get quite a few scratches on them. Why is that?

Well first to begin if you are out where do you automatically put your iPhone and iPod when you have finished using it? That’s right, in your pocket or your handbag. These places are swamped with objects that can damage your screens and make your devices look older than they really are.

I have decided that I wanted my iPad for a long while, and even though the case is a bit pricey I believe that it is a small price to pay. Sometimes when we refuse to spend the money to prevent something from happening, we end up spending more than we ever dreamed of because we refused to put out the extra money in the first place. I have seen the difference between my device to those of my friends where my devices looks at least 50% better than their own.

Buying a case, all boils down to one thing and that’s the freedom of choice.

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