Sharing libraries through iTunes

Tired of listening to your our tunes? Then it’s about time either download some more music, which may take you a day to mix and match the music that you want and frankly could be quite a hassle at times, or sharing the music library of a friend.

Well the first thing that you should know, when it comes to sharing libraries, is that the person has to be on your network. Wireless or not, once they are on your network your foot is already in the door, for sharing.

Another thing to note as well is, you can’t listen to someone’s iTunes music that they bought from the iTunes Store, unless the person gives you the authority to do so. Ok, so with that out of the way let’s get down to business, on how to share free downloads and ripped CDs music!

  • Go to iTunes, open the preferences window
  • Select sharing icon
  • When the window opens, at the top of the page you will notice two check boxes
  • Click both boxes – “Share my library on my local network” if you want to share your library and “Look for shared libraries” if you want to play someone else’s library.
  • Once you are sharing your library options will appear asking which playlist and libraries that you would like to share. Choose what you want others to hear. You will be able to set a different password to your library
  • When finished, click Ok
  • Firewalls may block others from being able to connect to your network. Adjust your Firewall to “Advanced” and then to “allowing incoming connections”.
  • If you want to connect to another person’s library, click on the library of your choice. Once it appears on your screen you can use it just as you would your own library.

So there you have it. Let the sharing begin!

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