Read Fine Print Better with the See It Now App

If you are having trouble reading the fine print on cans and bottles while shopping, or maybe you are having a hard time reading the small letters in important documents, there’s an app for that. Instead of bringing a huge Sherlock Holmes-style magnifying glass everywhere you go, there is a better, more high tech way you can read the little squiggly lines of text: See It Now with your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

See It Now, a utility app made by Avocado Hills, makes use of the iPhone 4's hi-resolution camera to magnify small text and print. But wait a minute... Can't you do the same thing just by using the iPhone built-in camera? Yes, actually you can, but See It Now also uses the phone's LED flash as a reading light to make reading a bit easier on the eyes.

But there are a few things that made the See It Now app less than perfect. It looks like Avocado Hills did not bother to add an image stabilizing function to the app, so there are times when the image you see on the phone's screen will seem a little wobbly. There is also a slight problem wherein the camera keeps losing focus and constantly has to re-focus, so the picture will get blurry from time to time. This basically means that See It Now is not really recommended for long reading; it will be quite impossible to read an entire book without the image getting blurred.

At only 99 cents, See It Now helps people to make sense of the small print that would otherwise give us a headache and frown-lines while trying to read. It’s easy to use function makes it a great go-to device when trying to decipher the nearly illegible writings we encounter every day.

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