Nintendo DS vs iPod Touch

The holidays are rolling around. and children are already planning what their parents should buy them for Christmas. In the eyes of a child if it isn’t technology, then it’s not worth it. I am sure that on at least one of the Christmas lists that you receive, a Nintendo DS is written.

While you are considering whether or not you can afford a Nintendo DS, or whether your child deserves it, let me throw another option in the mix, an iPod touch.

These two gaming systems though they are manufactured to bring gaming to life, their methods of doing this are slightly different.

Let’s compare both entities to help you decide which gaming system you would be willing to buy, Nintendo DS or iPod Touch.

Nintendo DS

Cost – US $99.00 – US $179.00

Cost per game – US $16.00 - $40.00

Memory – High scores can be played over if more than one person is playing

Game availability – DS games are small and can be easily misplaced. There are no free trails games for the DS. If you purchase a game and you don’t like it you can try to re-sell the game.

Features – Dual screens. Backwards compatibility, Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, touch screen technology and multiplayer fun.

iPod Touch

Cost – $274.95 - $299.00

Cost per game – $0.99 – $10.00

Memory – Higher scores remain intact because there are different memory slots

Game availability – iPod games are installed into the device, therefore never being lost. There are also free gaming trials that you can play before deciding whether or not you want to play before purchasing. There are also free games for the iPod.

Features – Over 200 features - Face time, HD video recording, Music & iTunes, Air Print and so much more

As you can clearly see the iPod Touch out ranks a Nintendo DS any day. Yes, it may seem expensive but if you calculate the cost of games and the device of the Nintendo DS, the iPod touch is relatively cheaper.

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