New MacBook Air- The performance of last year’s full size Apple MacBook Pro

Apple has upgraded the MacBook Air to Intel Core I5 or I7, offering buyers a faster processor than the previous one. Processor capacity for core i5 is now 1.6 GHz with 3MB shared L3 cache and for core i7 is now 1.8 GHz, 4MB Cache. The new MacBook Air architecture has changed into a faster 133MHZ DDR3 RAM; you can choose 2/4 GB 133 MHz DDR3, but unfortunately no more than 4 GB.

The Display has been upgraded too, Thunderbolt interconnect includes external support for Firewire and we can have Gigabit Ethernet for the first time on Air’s. Thunderbolt not only provides a very fast interconnect for external storage devices (such as a RAID appliance), but also enables Air users to connect to a hub (such as Apple's own Thunderbolt Display) that uses the new port to expose additional USB, Firewire and Gigabit Ethernet options. The Thunderbolt Display also includes an ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts the display brightness based on external lighting conditions and uses only as much energy as necessary to provide an optimum viewing experience

The Intel’s graphics processor replaces the Nvidia graphics, which gives to MacBook Air more weight, so the 11 inch model became now 2.38 lb, while the 13 inch is now 2.96lb. The Intel Hd Graphics 300 has 256 or 384 MB shared RAM.

The hardware stores 64 GB, 128GB or 265 GB.

Other 2 features have been added to this year's MacBook Air.: return of the backlit keyboard and the appearance of the support for Bluetooth 4.0.

The old entry level MacBook also offered an optical drive for playing DVDs, installing software, and burning discs, and provided Gigabit Ethernet for fast wired networking.

Apple now refers to the MacBook Air as "the ultimate everyday notebook”

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