Is an iPod Touch suitable for a young child?

As a parent when you are thinking of buying something for a child, you think about the cost, the durability of the product and of course the individual child himself. With every other child having the access of either an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you may be contemplating getting one for them.

Before you run off to please the whims and fancy of your child, here are a few things that you should know.

  • Cost – An iPod Touch could range anywhere between $109USD- $370USD depending on whose shipping it, as well as if its new or second hand. If you must spend the amount of money, the iPod Touch should be used as a reward. Once you have given it to the child, discuss the value of the iPod as well as ways in which it should be cared for.
  • Necessity – Ok so let’s be real here, does your child really need another techno device, in which to stare blankly at the screen for hours at a time? You may argue that there are a lot of educational games that you can purchase or get free, but then I’ll counter it with, you can also get educational games to install on the MAC. This needs to be taken into serious consideration.
  • Durability – A friend of mine had an iPod. She slipped it into her back jeans pocket, which she usually would not do. She went to the bathroom and yes the inevitable happened, and it fell into the toilet bowl. Now this is a responsible adult I’m talking about so imagine the possibilities with a child. Here is where the rules come in. Don’t just sit and discuss the rules with your child, enforce them as well. It would also help to get warranties, screen savers and of course a durable case.
  • Possibility of it getting lost – Unlike a cell that you can call to locate, when lost, this is not the case with the iPod. Help them to understand the responsibility factor of having an iPod.

So before you running off to purchase an iPod for your child, think about everything that goes into them having such a device.

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