iPhone apps to help you through pregnancy

Bringing another life into this world could be quite stressful. You have to keep a balanced diet, exercise and try to remember important things. Sometimes it can be too much for the mother alone to handle. Thank God for the iPhone and its best friend, apps.

The first app that you may want to get is the Pregnancy Tracker. This app is totally free, which is great because you will need all the extra money to prepare for the baby. This cool app allows you to see the progress of your baby, give you an estimated due date as well as the all-time count down till your bundle of joy arrives.

If you are a first time mother the Life Helper Pro app is a great app for you to get. It shares with you tips about motherhood as well as living tips.

If you think those two apps are helpful, check out the Ninemonths app. This app helps you to track the movements of your baby as well as your contractions. You as well as your partner should know how to use this app. The reason I say this is that, as your contractions become stronger the last thing you would be thinking about is how far apart your contractions are.

But before you even get to that stage the Ninemonths app as stated above tracks your baby movements. This is very helpful because when you go to the doctor, they usually ask you how many times a day your baby kicks. With the data collected you can give your doctor a correct average of fetal movements.

You must admit that these are some great apps to invest in. If you are not pregnant but you know someone who is spread the word. They would be more than happy to get that extra support that they need during this time.

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