iPad – The reason learning can be fun

A few months ago, I bought a book that came with a CD for my son, in hopes that it would encourage him in reading. Let me just say that within the six months that he’s had it, he read it once, only because I read it with him the day I bought it. So much for me and encouraging him in reading!

Since then I must admit that I have gotten a little wiser. I combined what he did not like – reading, with what he did like – computer games. So guess what I bought? You guessed it an iPad. Yes, it may be a tad bit expensive for a seven year old but it did help improve his reading. You really can’t put a price on education.

With it bright, bold pictures and narrator, he no longer find reading boring. He even tries reading the stories without the narrator because he want to learn to read as well as the narrator does. As parents, it is our duty to find ways of engaging our children and helping them reach their potential. The iPad allow me to do that for my son, but he’s not he only one that I have to look out for.

During family gatherings my ten year old daughter, enjoys to writing plays that she, her brother and their cousins act out for us. It’s really nice to see her creativity come alive! With the iPad, we make videos, and with the help of iLoader 2. We upload them directly to Facebook, to share with friends and family.

It is always easy to say that something is too expensive or our children may not be old enough, but as far as I am concerned the iPad is a great device to give any child. If you think they are too young to use it, it’s your job to monitor them with it. Teach them how to take care of it. You’ll be surprised and how responsible they could be once given the opportunity.

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