IPad- A simple interface for autistic children

The problem of autistic kids and adults doesn’t need to be ignored. They are part of our society, and exclusion is a miserable solution. We can help them integrate into our society. Apple Inc. treats this problem very seriously and helps those kids with some interesting applications that can be downloaded from the Apple Store website. By giving them HELPFUL APPLICATIONS, APPLE gives persons with autism the opportunity to overcome their disabilities.

Proloquo2Go IPad application is highly recommended by the Assistive Technology Director at the Anne Carlsen Center in Jamestown, North Dakota who says that the iPad interface is much simpler for autistic children to use than a keyboard and monitor.

Proloquo2Go is highly recommended for kids and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS, stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Proloquo2Go provides full-featured, which increase communication skills for people who have difficulty speaking. It provides natural sounding text-to-speech voices, high resolution up-to-date symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, and a default vocabulary of over 7000 items, advanced word prediction, full expandability and extreme ease of use.

Proloquo2Go can be used on IPhone, IPod touch and IPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later. Proloquo2Go can be used to communicate without requiring a WiFi or 3G data connection.

INCLUDED VOICES: Support is expected for other languages and voices before the end of 2011, but until then Proloquo2Go includes a North American English male, female, girl and boy voices. These can be swapped at no costs for British male and female voices or an Indian English female voice that can be downloaded through WiFi by Proloquo2Go.

Proloquo2Go is for anyone who cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on an AAC device and yet wants a solution that is just as good if not better.

Those who used Proloquo2Go have gone from verbally speaking in 2-word utterances to speaking in 5-word sentences and even asking questions.

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