iPad - A Movie Theater in Your Hand

Two Questions: Do you own an iPad? Do you like watching movies?

As luck would have it, most people answered yes to both questions. Well, good news: it's possible to watch full length movies on your iPad. Gone are the days when we had to be home, ensconced in front of the TV to watch our favorite movies. Instead, you can go out, buy movies combo packs with digital copies and download it to your computer and iPad, you can subscribe to a movie website and upload the movies to your iPad, or you can use any number of streaming applications to watch straight from the application itself. Pretty snazzy, Apple.

When you use an website to download your movies, there should be no limit to the number of movies you can download and watch. The only limits would be the storage space on your iDevice. Finding and downloading your fave movies is pretty much a snap; search tabs on websites have made it possible to simply type in the name of the flick you want to watch, and it will give you the link. Downloading time depends on your connection, as with everything else, but is usually a breezy few seconds. Sync your iPad while you pop your corn and you can be laughing at The Change Up in no time.

You can take your movies wherever you go; once downloaded you don't even need an internet connection to watch. Choose from your library of movies while you ride the bus, drink your coffee, or watch Scooby Doo with your kids on the plane. Whatever your movie, wherever you are, iPad makes it possible to watch any movie, any time.

Now, an internet connection is necessary for streaming movies with your iPad, but the bonus with this option is that you don't use up any hard drive space on your iDevice. Just bandwidth. So, if your Wi-Fi is secure and strong, there's no reason not to watch Animal House at Starbucks.

Basically, watching movies on iPad, while not exactly the same as viewing on the big screen, is still fun and convenient. And best of all, you don't have to be chained in front of your tv; your movies go where you go.

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