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Technology has enriched our lives in so many ways that we can’t imagine and yet new things still appear every year to help us improve and make our lives easier and faster. Whether it is in medicine, engineering, design, especially in education.

A lot of us heard of autism and the trouble those kids go through to have a somewhat normal life, according the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) every kid out of 110 is born with autism in the USA. Parents with children diagnosed with autism are still hoping for a cure or at least an easier way to communicate with their kids. Apple Inc. has created new applications to help them have an easier life with the new no mouse no keyboard hands-on technology. Those applications teach social skills, sensory skills, language and communication skills, and stress reduction technics among a lot others here are some of the applications that you might find in the Apple iPad:

PBS Kids My Journal helps kids communicate “I feel happy…. I feel sad” (social and communication skills), Virtuoso (Free from iTunes) children enjoy music and they could learn to play the piano (stress reduction), iCommunicate lets you design visual schedules, communication boards, speech cards, flash cards, and much more, it could be customizable to your needs. (Visit for the full list)

A lot of centers across the world are using this new technology to help improve their teaching programs for autistic children according to Mark Coppin the assistive Technology Director at the Anne, Carlsen Center in North Dakota says: “the hands-on design of the iPad interface is simpler to autistic children to use than a keyboard and monitor”. The Apple iPad has helped a lot of families overcome the obstacles of autism like three years old Hudson Holmquistt and his mom Laura, “the iPad have given us our family back”

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