Hanging out with apps on a Saturday night

It’s Saturday night and you and your friends are hanging around the apartment bored, out of your minds. How many times has that happened before? There are only so many drinks you can drink before they all start to taste the same. Why not have some fun by downloading some games on iPhone, to turn your Saturday from boring to exciting.

Let’s get the ball rolling on what could be great games to entertain you and your friends.

Spin the bottle is not the only party game that has some form of daring in it. Download “Spin my party” to your iPhone, and have a good laugh as you and your friends try to complete the challenges put forth by the game. Have a few prizes of your own as incentive.

How well do you know your friends? Or better yet, how well do you know yourself? Find out by playing “What would you choose?” With choices of special powers, love, animals and much more, and a whopping 400 plus questions to answer you can have hours of fun. Making choices based on what you really want or what you would prefer to do given two choices, by the end of the game you may have mind of someone else. LOL!

Who could forget the good oldies such as “Charades”? This is a great group game that give you the title so you won’t have to struggle trying to figure them out yourself. It’s quick, easy and even more fun.

An alternative to “Charades” is “Phrase Party”. It has the same concept as “Charades” where team plays against team. Each team takes turns in trying to identify the phrase that is given to them. When they have guessed the right answer, the next team gets a chance. The trick with this however is, you can’t remain with the device in your hand once the buzzer goes off, or your team will be announced the losers! So this game is about speed as well as accuracy!

Don’t let another Saturday night catch you with nothing to do. With great games to download fun is at the tip of your fingers.

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