Give the gift of iTunes

Your teenager has a birthday coming up, and over the past few years socks and under wear just aren’t cutting it. So why not give him the gift of iTunes!

I have yet to find a teenager that is not into music or movies, so an iTunes gift card would be a great buy. The cool thing about these gift cards is that, you can print them yourself and give to your teenager, so there is no need to leave your house. In my humble opinion any gift that you can purchase without leaving your home is a great gift!

If your child does not have a birthday coming up soon, another great suggestion is giving them an iTunes allowance. This does not mean giving them an extra allowance, but you can split their allowance, put part in an iTunes allowance and the other part they could get in cash. Don’t do this without consulting your teenager though, but if they are always asking for new movies and music let it be an option for them.

Another great gift idea that you can send as a gift, maybe not to your teenage but maybe your significant other, is a song or even an album via iTunes. Once you choose the song that you want to send, maybe the song that you first danced to, or the song that was playing when you both met, a message would be sent from iTunes to your special someone. When they open their email, all which is required of them is to click the link that is provided for them.

When purchasing gifts or just letting someone know how much you care about them, you must give yourself space to think outside the box. A lot of gifts have been so out done, such as flowers, chocolates and yes perfumes and colognes. It’s time to spice it up and give them something they would really appreciate.

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