Five grand features of the Mac’s OS X

With the launch of Mac’s OS X Lion, Apple once again has raised the bar by making life a little easier and the Mac a lot more fun, by enhancing and upgrading its features. Ok, enough small talk let’s take a look at five of the new features that this beast of an operating system has.

Feature One

So Mac users probably got jealous that there wasn’t any multi touch features within the operating system. Well Apple certainly took care of that! One of the new features of the Mac OS X is tap to zoom. Just by hitting your mouse twice you are now able to read fine texts. How awesome is that!

Feature Two

As Apple tries to unify their devices, they have brought the world of the iPad and the iPhone, to the interface of the desktop through, Launchpad. What this does is imitates the way in which your apps look on the iPhone. This allows you quick access to your files. Way to go Apple.

Feature Three

I think that they made this app especially for me. I’m always saving stuff and wondering where it is after I’ve closed it. This new feature is called Mission Control. And just think they got a perfect name for it as well! Anyway, this helps you to retrieve the documents that you were previously working on. How you ask? Simple, by putting your apps in categories, this makes them a lot easier to find.

Feature Four

Another great feature here is Auto Save. Even though you know you should save often, sometimes you are so engrossed in what you are working, on that it slips your mind and you lose everything. Well, Apple certainly did cater towards a variety of different personalities with these features, and they did a great job too.

Feature Five

Another multi touch feature which was added is swipe to navigate. This allows you the possibility of opening more than one app and easily going through them.

Apple seems to be right on track with these great new features, as well as understanding how to make clients happy. Keep us happy and we’ll keep coming back for more.

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