Finding the best MacBook for you

Finding the right computer is always a hassle, well at least to those of us that are not tech savvy! How do you know what is right for you? Aren’t all computers built to do the same thing? What the difference between the specs of one computer to the next? So many questions and yes, they can all d answered.

To find the right computer you will need to decide exactly what are you going to do with the computer? Is it for work, entertainment, studies..etc. When you can identify exactly what you would like your computer to do for you, you are one step closer to getting the computer that suits you.

Basically yes all computers are built to do the same thing. But depending on your job you may want to install plugins or software to ensure that you are able to work effectively. I know the persons who are into motion graphics may want more storage as well as large screens to be able to work proficiently. So your job is to find out how much “pressure” are you going to place on your MacBook? Are you a teacher that just needs to type and file reports, so the size of screen does not matter? Or are you a photographer where maximum storage space is necessary?

Computers come with variety when it comes to storage, pixels, battery life, prices and so on. Here are a few options that Mac has out to their valued customers.

  • The MacBook Air (11inch) - This notebook comes with 2GB- 4GB memory. It comes with 4.0 wireless Bluetooth and has two 2.0 USB ports. Also comes with iLife and OS X Lion. With a MagSafe power port, this note book has a maximum of five hours of wireless web.
  • The MacBook Air (13 inch) – This notebook has a dual core processor as well as a multi touch trackpad. With a 4GB-8GB memory and a flash storage of 256GB, this notebook also comes with Intel HD Graphics 3000.
  • The MacBook Pro (15inch) – This notebook comes with a 7200-rpm hard drive, a graphics processor, a HD camera and a SDXC card slot.

This are just some of the features of these notebooks to give you an idea on the slight differences that they each have. Remember once you identify what you are going to use your computer for, you will be able to by a computer that works for you.

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