Finding great meals using your iPhone

One thing that everyone loves to do is save money. The next best thing after that is finding the perfect place to eat. Who says you can’t have both? Apps are available for the iPhone which allows you to get the best prices, rewards and ratings of high quality restaurants across the globe! Gone are the days of wondering where to eat; now all you have to decide is whom you will be dining with.

The first app that you may want to take a closer look at is Zagat. This app gives you reviews not just for one month but an entire year of restaurants within its database. This app is a bit costly and goes for the price of US$9.99. If you don’t have internet on your iPhone for whatever reason it does not affect the Zagat. You can browse offline to your heart’s content.

Another app that comes in quite handy especially if you are in a new city is Urbanspoon. It comes at a price everyone loves, FREE! Urbanspoon allows you to find the type of restaurant that you would like to dine in based on ratings, prices and yes, even cuisine! So now what you are going to order before hand as well as the amount of money that you would want to spend.

Another great mouth- watering app is the OpenTable app. This is also another free app and it helps you with an easy process for making reservations. This app has over 15,000 restaurants associated with it, so you have a wide variety to choose from. You can also send your friends dinner invites, through email to friends requesting their company.

Eating at a restaurant is more than just what they serve. It’s about the experience itself, customer service, enjoying good company! With these apps that are made available to you, you should have the dining experience of a life time!

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