Everything You Need to Know about Amazon’s Tablet – The Kindle Fire

Upon its inception, the whole premise of the Amazon Kindle was the lifelike quality of the ‘pages.’ This e-reader provided what no other competitor had thought of; that is, making the screen as close to the flat, glare-less peper of a book as possible, to closely simulate the book reading experience.

The times, they did a-change. Amazon’s latest e-reader, the Kindle Fire, is at $199 a pretty impressive newbie tablet. The biggest change? Tough to say; more like everything changed. Rather than a keyboard, the Fire is a multi-touch screen. Rather than a paper-like black and white screen, the Fire’s screen provides owners with seven (diagonal) inches of brilliant, life like color in high resolution. How many colors? About 16 million.

Rather than the novels, books and texts of yore, the Kindle Fire now delivers over 100,000 movies and TV shows, graphic novels and children’s books that are simply stunning on the colorific screen, web browsing and 17 million songs. Need to read a document? Check your email on your Fire. Got a need to store things on your other devices? Kindle’s free cloud storage can cover that too. Want to play Angry Birds, Words with Friends or FarmVille? They’re among the thousands of apps available for the Kindle Fire.

With Amazon’s Whispersync, you’ll never lose your page, no matter what device you used last. Or, if you’re watching a movie, you can pick it up right where you left of. And for your web-browsing needs, Amazon Silk has is a “cloud-accelerated” browser that is amazingly fast and reliable, and supports Adobe’s Flash Player.

Oh, yeah, and the Kindle Fire still offers the same extensive beyond belief selection of books to be stored in your ‘library’, in addition to magazines and journals if you’re so inclined. The Fire was made even better by the Prime members’ Lending Library, where members can borrow from thousands of books, one book per month, for free.

Where Kindle became the e-reader of the masses, so too could the Kindle Fire; with its impressive features, stunning graphics and wide range of capabilities, it certainly compares to the big boys at a mere pittance of $199.00.

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