Christmas Gifts for the Gadget Geek

Black Friday is no longer creeping around the corner; it's barreling forward full-force, and with the hundreds of thousands of people already finalizing plans for their Black Friday campaigns, it's time to get started strategizing your own.

But what do you get for that person in your life who doesn't care about clothes, or jewelry, or another scarf set? Do you cry mercy and just get them that Best Buy gift card and let them pick their own present?


With all the neat techno gadgets popping up on the market like sweet caramel corn, you can easily find a gift that will fry their circuits... but you know, in a good way.

The iPhone 4S has been the talk of the town for a while; its popularity has died down some but the surge still continues. If your geek is still walking around with his 3G in his hand, maybe it’s time to get him a phone that comes loaded with an amazing camera, iOS5 operating system, Siri and iCloud, in addition to a bunch of other cool apps; the iPhone 4S will thrill the app obsessed and absentminded alike.

Or, if they're not so much a fan of the iPhone, why not consider the Samsung Galaxy S II? This Android based smartphone has super-speedy 4G network access, Wi-Fi networking and a beautiful, crystal clear four and a half inch multi-touch display screen. With a 2 mega-pixel forward facing camera and 8 mega-pixel rear, as well as full HD 1080p video capability, this phone is sure to please anyone with a photo fixation.

Maybe your geek doesn't need a new phone; what about a Kindle? Consider Amazon's most recent Kindle release, the 'almost tablet' Kindle Fire. With a gorgeous, full-color touch screen, movies and mp3 capability as well as apps and games galore, the Kindle Fire displays children's books and graphic novels in vibrant color. While it may not play in the same pool as the big boys in the tablet market, the Kindle Fire does offer over 18 million movies, games, books, TV shows or magazines.

There are so many different things to choose from for the more tech oriented; if you're not sure what to get them this Christmas, do a little investigation. See if they need a new netbook, if their TV is showing some wear, or they've been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 every night for 16 days straight; these are all things that point to gifts your gadget geek would really like for Christmas.

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