Check out the new Apple Store 2.0 app

With the holidays fast approaching Apple is ensuring that the needs of the customers are being met. What better way to start this season than with an updated Apple Store iOS app, Apple Store 2.0 app.

This updated app, now has great features such as “self-checkout” and “personal pickup”. This comes in quite handy when you have to make purchases and you don’t have the time to get to it right then and there. Just order your Apple product and you can either pick it up an hour later, or have them ship it directly to your door. You can do this at any retail store.

Besides purchasing products, you can check the status of your order via the app. This is great! This means you won’t have to run your phone bill through the roof, trying to get an update on your orders, after having them put you on hold for more than ten minutes!

But that’s not it there’s more. You can also purchase accessories for your new Apple product as well. Just scan the barcode and pay through the app. The Apple Store 2.0 app really could not have come at a better time. It will save you a lot of time during the holidays so you can focus on the important things such as spending time with your family instead of running around a store and standing in long lines to make a purchase.

Apple just keeps on giving. You can also get personalize your iPod and iPad with free engraving. How cool is that! Free gift wrapping is done with select Apple products.

With the convenience that this app has to offer, it’s at least worth a try. You may even like it so much that you share it with your friends and family. I’m sure they will appreciate the perks that come with the app.

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