Bringing the world of gaming to the iPad

After having a rough day at work, and coming home to a rowdy house of children and chaos, sometimes it’s just nice to kick back with my iPad and play a few games.

This is one of the most relaxing things you can do, as it not only helps you to unwind, but you have the chance at getting a few good laughs in before you go to bed.

I prefer the iPad to the Mac when playing games because it’s hand held and I move quite easily, opposed to sitting rigidly behind a desk. After sitting behind a desk whole day it’s just too much sit again for hours to play games.

The time actually seems to fly faster when playing on the iPad because it’s more relaxing. I also noticed that the screen of the iPad is larger than that of the iPod and iPhone, so you get a more realistic glance into the gaming world.

A few great games for the iPad:

Real Racing 2 – With its realistic sound effects and easy controller options, you feel as though you are truly behind a steering wheel. You can also engage other players around the globe in a friendly racing match.

Plants vs Zombies – I first fell in love with this game on my Mac, but once it became available on the iPad I was ecstatic. I have conquered the game twice but there’s something about the game that just keeps me coming back for more. Could it be the great graphics connected with the game? Despite the fact that there is no Zen garden, it definitely has me hooked.

Scrabble – I grew up on this board game and I think it’s a great add to the world of iPad gaming.

These are just a few of my favourite games that I use on my iPad. Yes, I can use my iPad in more “meaningful” ways but sometimes it’s just nice to sit back, relax and play games.

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