Best apps for mom

As a mother your number one priority is your children, as you rarely take the time to see about yourself. Luckily there are some great people out there who are looking out for moms. Yes, that’s right, ensuring that you can take care of your children while enjoying a slice of life.

Here are a few apps that help you take control and have a little more free time for yourself, as well as the people that you love.

  • · Shop Savvy – Compare prices on products among different stores within the area. This helps you save time from having to store hop to compare prices, which gives you more time to work on something else.
  • · Coupon Sherpa Mobile – Tired of printing those coupons? So am I!! This app has access to coupons from over 5,000 retailers. You can present them to the cashier when you are ready to purchase your item.
  • · Ace Budget – Put away those pens and little black notebooks, where you jot down your monthly budget. Once you enter your purchases to this app, it saves it and builds a data base. You are then able to view your spending habits, and do comparisons as the months go by.
  • · Pageonce – Do you forget when your bills are due because you have so many other things on your mind? With Pageonce, you are alerted as to when it is your payments are due.
  • · OmniFocus – This is the ideal app for any super busy mom. Make a list of the things that need to get done or activities that they children have to attend. You can share this through your computer network at home so others would have an idea as to who is going where, and when. It helps you avoid simple mistakes on your children’ schedule as well as forgetting them.

There tones of apps that a great for moms. The internet is said to be the world of opportunity, so don’t be afraid to sue it. Especially if you are gaining an advantage!

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