Best all round apps for 2011

The year is almost at a close and if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you probably went through quite a few apps throughout the year. Apps come in useful, as they help us with time management, saving money and even entertainment. Here are a few apps that have come up top notch among the rest. You may have tried some of these already, but if you have not why not give them a whirl.

The best iPad app for

  • Gaming, which is also one of my favourites as well is Plants vs. Zombies HD. This is a game where the zombies are after your brains. You are equipped with 49 plants to defend your brain which as placed on your lawn, roof and backyard.
  • Music is Garageband. This app allows you to make music from its assortment of musical instruments and recording studio. Make up a song or try to enhance one that you already know.
  • Social networking is Facebook. Well that seems pretty obvious didn’t it! With cameras and its location services this app was perfectly made for iPad.
  • Photo and video is Filterstorm. This is for the upcoming photographer as it offeres editing facilities for Windows or Mac OS X. Make all your photos look their best with curve manipulation, vignetting, colour correction and much more.
  • Finance is Accounts. If you are as bad as keeping a track of your money as I am then this is the best app for you, hence the reason it’s one of the best apps for 2011. This app allows you to transfer funds, export data, schedule transaction and so much more.
  • Books is Kindle. You are able to download books as well as magazine for free, on any topic at any time.

You may tend to differ on some of the apps listed above but you must admit that they are of the best quality apps available for the iPad.

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