Apps that enhance the work of the graphic artist

Being a graphic artist is all about style, pizzazz and finesse. It is therefore imperative that the graphic artist always keeps his eyes open for new software, that can enhance his work. Here are a few FREE apps available for MAC users that all graphic artist should know about.


Also known as GNU Image Manipulation Program, this app is the most popular. With similarities to Photoshop, there is a lot of support behind this app and it is frequently updated. This app is geared towards the more advanced graphic artist, and uses filters, extensions and of course plugins.


This app is an alternative to GIMP, but for graphic artist with less experience. It’s not as advance; neither does it have all the functions or settings of GIMP.


If you are looking for a vector graphics program, then this is the program for you. This app is a great alternative for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator, with path operations, tracing, editing and the import and export of images –TIFF, PNG and JPEG.


If you are into colour grading and restoring old pictures this may be the app you are looking for. This app allows the user to manipulate and change the colours of a photo. You will be able blend, add or create a colour pallet.


If you have children, nieces or even sisters that are young and want to follow in your foot steps as a graphic artist, this is a great app that is marketed for a juvenile market. This app allows you to create animated story, art that is interactive as well as games. If you want to create quick images and interactive banners, without learning the curve technique, then this would be great for you as well.

DAZ Studio

Graphic artist love the fact that they could manipulate their art work, in such a way that it appears real. DAZ Studio allows the user a glimpse into the 3D world where they are able to create 3D objects, animals and even people. It is easy to use as well as learn.

It is always nice to look around and find tools that will help you increase your productivity and enhance your performance.

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