Ace Writer - Alphabet Series - THE MAGIC WORLD OF iPAD!!!!!!!

The atlas? - An old word!! More perfect is, about my opinion: iPad, more perfect and better than an atlas or a dictionary.The atlas or the dictionary are primarily two different books, with a lots of information, but they really weighing about 1, 1 / 2 kilogram.....HEAVY .....

Once again iPAD... lets talk about iPAD ... plenty of information, the dimensions of about 24.3 to 19 cm, thickness 1.4 cm and weight like 680 grams, "Wi-Fi" in all areas! It is portable and mobile (= connected to cellular mobile). It is dedicated to all ages.

Now talking about the children, IPAD made ​​for them the joy of Toy Story 3.The application is easy to play, easy to handle and the kids can enjoy a world of toys with lights, colorful games with an excellent soundtrack.Buzz, Woody are the cute characters and they are present in a pleasant and childish mode. The game is 3D and the glasses can be found easily on Disney stores.

For children that are just learning to write letters, the iPad presents a great opportunity. Obviously, tracing a letter with your finger isn't the same experience as drawing it with a pen or pencil, but it can be an important first step to helping your children on the way to becoming great writers.

Ace Writer gives your child a chance to learn. It demonstrates how they can draw letters with their finger by tracing the lines for them in the correct order, then encourages them to give it a go.

Quite often the best apps are the ones that do one thing, and do it well, and Ace Writer Alphabet is a perfect example of this. In fact, we found that Jacob, who is only now being introduced to letters at pre-school, was quite happy to use this app on his own, following along the letter without any prompting.

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