5 Top paid iPad apps

Everyone has apps that they love. Some are games while others may be used for productivity such as assignments. With all the 30, 000 plus apps that they have available I’m sure it probably crossed your mind as to which apps are the best of the best. Look no further because here they are for your viewing.

Notability (Productivity)

This app helps the user to take notes. Notability’s library includes -PDF annotation, full featured handwriting, advanced word processing, media insertion, linked audio recording and library organization.

Mystery Case Files (Games)

This is a great interactive game which is why it made Apple’s top five list. It is one of those games that will have you sleeping with your lights on. This game is based on legend of Dire Grove, where four graduates travelled to England, and never returned home.

Minecraft – Pock (Games)

This game is great to just paste time. Build to your heart’s content anything that comes to mind. With 36 blocks to choose from you should be able to come up with some very creative, original looks.

Pages (Productivity)

This app is not exclusive to the iPad but it could also be used on the iPod Touch and the iPhone. This app allows you to view, create and edit all of your documents. These documents don’t only include work documents but custom letters, cards, posters and even flyers. You have 16 templates from which to choose.

Angry Birds Season (Games)

This games has thirty levels of fun, excitement and of course treats! Don’t let the creepy skeletons, pumpkin patches or exploding jack-o-lanterns slow you down! With help from your birdie friends you are sure to win!

So there you have it folks, the five top paid iPad apps according to Apple. You may have your very own favourites depending on what you use you iPad for. With all the apps that there are for iPad, it’s a wonder that they were able to narrow it down just five apps!

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