Why Buy A GPS When You Have an iPhone?

It seems like since the moment Global Positioning System devices became readily available for personal use, the map and atlas have gone by the wayside. I mean, can you remember the last time you pulled a Rand McNally out of your glove-box, struggled with unfolding it and squinted to read the small print just to figure out how to get from you home to the nearest airport?

But as smart and convenient as GPS devices are, and boy, I can't live without mine, they're really expensive. Sure, they have lots of neat features and the thing actually TALKS to you and TELLS you when to turn, as opposed to attempting to check a map every few minutes to make sure you haven't missed your street. But, for the money, these devices really only do one thing; unless you count changing the display from "daytime" to "nighttime."

So, why not use your iPhone? There are tons of GPS apps available for your iPhone, both free and subscribed. The free apps range from Google Maps, which we've all used online at one point or another, to MotionX, which imports routes for not just driving but walking, bicycling, boating and any other method you can use of outdoor transportation.

After all, you already have an iPhone. And you know you'll never leave your GPS at home the ONE TIME you end up getting lost; you carry your phone everywhere with you.

So next time you find yourself browsing the GPS devices in the electronics department, do yourself, and your wallet, a favor. Pull out your iPhone and download a GPS app instead.

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