Ways to save money using apps

When cell phones first came out, they were big and bulky; no one knew then that these devices would become an everyday necessity or that they would be as small and useful as they are now. With the turning of time, these great little technology devices are equipped with tons of features and have been tweaked to perfection in the form of smartphones.

The Apple iPhone does it all for you, with its user-friendly interface, the iPhone can search the web, check emails and even has GPS. Various companies have come forth and produced applications, otherwise known as apps, which take advantage of all the features of the iPhone.

If you are privilege enough to have a car, you would know how costly it is to maintain. What if there was a way in which you could cut back a few costs from fuel, while placing less strain on the environment, wouldn’t you want to know how? There are apps developed specifically for your car and has a variety of functions and features. Whether you need them for practical functions, or just for fun you should take the time to check them out.

Carticipate is a free rideshare app which can be downloaded from iTunes. This app was created to as an effort to alternate transportation. This app is available to any car holder that wants to save a few dollars on fuel, or persons interested in saving the environment.

Another great app is iGasUp. This allows you to search for the lowest prices of gas anywhere. Though this app is not free, it can be downloaded for a small fee of $2.99, but at your finger-tips you will be able to access the gas stations that you are closest to at the time.

Don’t keep these apps for yourself , share them with friends and family. Happy saving!!

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