Upgrade to the new iPhone 4S

Technology is always changing and Apple is ensuring that they stay ahead of things with the new iPhone 4S being on an improvement from the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S has been reported to sell out in stores and is a great improvement due to the enhancements that have been made.

The iPhone 4S comes equipped with an 8-megapixel camera and great software that enables the camera to work at a great new speed making it ready for immediate action when in the hands of its consumer.

This 8-megapixel camera is quite impressive with features such as depth of field and stop-action. You can now take out pictures focusing on one object while the others are blurred in the background.

Photos look more realistic due to new optics which have added more light and in return makes photos look a lot brighter.

The iPhone 4S video camera has also shown improvement and now shoots at a 1080p high definition quality opposed to the poor quality of 720 HD video from there last iPhone model.

One of the biggest reasons to upgrade your iPhone is the virtual “talking” intelligence. Siri which is the “voice assistant” of the iPhone 4S is quite helpful and actually does respond to the questions that you ask it. If you asked Siri a question and she can’t answer herself she’ll search the internet to get the answer for you. This works as a great personal assistant.

The speed of the iPhone 4S has increased significantly with a 68% increase from that of the iPhone 4 which comes in great for surfing Safari, launching apps or even simply checking your mail.

This phone is powered by none other than iOS 5 software that comes with 250 new great features.

If you were doubtful about upgrading before you read this your mind should be made up by now. Upgrade to an iPhone 4S since it’s one thing that you won’t regret doing.

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