Updated Camera Features for iOS 5

As you all know Apple has released their newest operating system: iOS 5. iOS5 promised to give Apple users 200 new features that they will surely enjoy. But one of the most amazing offerings of this operating system is the astonishing camera features. People today are into taking pictures, and most of them are using their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad's camera to capture important events in their lives. Gone are the days where you need to edit your photos on your computer before uploading it, now you can simply edit the photos using your Apple gadget. iOS5 has upgraded cameras with even more cool features.

With this updated operating system you can now access your camera without unlocking your screen. All you’ll need to do is press the home button twice and the camera icon will appear. You can instantly take images anywhere, anytime you choose. You will surely enjoy the point and shoot effects of the camera with the use of your iPod touch and your iPhone by adding different camera applications. You can also use your volume button to capture images, which makes it easier for people who don't like using the touch screen button when taking pictures.

Photo streaming is one of the myriad amazing features of your iOS5 camera; you can instantly sync your photos to other iOS devices, Apple TV second generation and as well as to your Windows computer. The latest images that you have taken will be the only ones available for photo streaming. This is a good way to back-up your photos, in case anything bad should happen to your equipment. New photos that you have taken will be stored in your photo stream for thirty days, but you can always have pictures permanently to your device by saving them to the Camera Roll.

If you haven’t checked out your updated camera, start exploring. Apple has made taking (and sharing) pictures faster, easier and fun-ner.

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