Take a Tour Through the App Store

We all joke about it: can't find your socks, can't remember the name of that 80's song, how do you dance the cha-cha? There's an app for that.

But come on, people. There are over 500,000 apps in the App Store. That's a half million applications; applications for productivity, applications for social networking, applications for applications. If you're looking for it, there probably is an app for that.

One of the most downloaded types of apps are the games apps. From card games to full-out role playing games, the App Store has thousands of games to choose from; one is bound to tickle your fancy.

Productivity apps are quite common as well. 'Things' and 'Todo' are task-management apps. They have things like projects and roles lists and, haha, to-do lists, and are available on both desktops and iPhones. 'SmartTime' is also a task-management app, but is more calendar and schedule oriented.

And of course there are the social networking apps. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter... if it's a popular social network, it's got its own app. Which of course makes it easier for you to keep connected with your friends and their happenings, as well as enabling you to update friends with your own status, or to share that absolutely hilarious picture you just took of that guy with the duck.

Basically, if you haven't taken the time to browse through the App Store, you're missing out on things you didn't even know you wanted or needed. Next time you have the opportunity, why not do a little window iShopping?

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