Safari-Bringing the world to you

People spend more time on the web than they do sleeping so why not get a web browser that helps you to interact with the web in a way in which you would like it to.

Safari allows you to do this with its new features. Not only is it the best web browser you may ever come across but it takes full advantage of the OS X Lion which captures your full attention visually, through literacy as well as through your sense of touch.

Some of the Safaris new features include:

Reading List – This allows you to save and read web materials later without those annoying web alerts.

Multi-Touch Gestures – This allows you tapping, swiping and scrolling features.

Swipe to navigate – This allows you to go back and forth and in and out the Safari window

Tap to zoom – Magnifies the web page

Pinch to zoom – Allows user to go in as well as out of web pages with the touch of a finger

Two-finger scroll – Helps you to scroll through websites.

Other features include security and privacy features, privacy pane, sandboxing, private autofill, resume, download popover and find option.

Safari does not stop there however it has great new graphics due to the hardware acceleration. With the HTML5 Canvas your graphics are smoother and faster which means that your web applications and games will be more responsive.

With Safari your internet browsing has a lot more stability as well as responsive with its new process architecture. While one process deals with what’s coming in and going out from the web the other process is able to manage the actual interactions of the Safari interface.

After using the new features from Safari you would wonder how you ever lived life without it. Now spend less time doing things that are meaningless and more time doing things that you love to on the web.

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