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If you are ready to upgrade your Mac, you should take a look at what Apple has to offer, to make this happen. Mac has new software, but with applications that you are familiar with such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. What Apple has done is recreated it in such a way, that you could allow your imagination to run away with you. Let’s see what the new applications are.

Word 2011

This writing tool, helps you to create documents, newsletters, brochures, store, edit, view and even share your documents online via Word We App that is on Windows Live ® SkyDrive ®. You will be able to see the styles, within your document that you are working on with Visual Styles.

With Word 2011, you are able to rearrange layers of photos, text and graphics as you work in a full screen view. You will also be able to co-author as well as share Word documents with others who are using Office even if they are using a PC.

Excel 2011

Share your Excel spread sheets online for others to view, or even edit with the help of Excel Web App that is on Windows Live® SkyDrive®. Be the co-author of documents sent by business partners or even family members. If others don’t understand your data, or even if you might need some clarification yourself you can use Conditional Formatting that includes data bars, icons and colour scales.

PowerPoint 2011

Use this to create not only professional but powerful presentations to inspire, motivate and influence your audience. With PowerPoint 2011 you can also do online presentations and still engage persons as though they were in the same you with you.

Get all this and a lot more. Visit your nearest Apple store and learn more about it. Happy upgrading!!

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