iPod Nano - Music on the Move

The iPod Nano is a tiny music playing powerhouse.

With its full color, multi-touch screen, the iPod Nano literally puts music right at your fingertips. And its features make the iPod Nano the perfect music player for the athlete in all of us, from its small, compact design to the fitness oriented applications. Plus, you can wear the iPod Nano on a watchband like a funky little music playing watch. How cool is that?

Obviously, playing music is what made iPod famous. But with its new color touch-screen, music is available with a swipe of your finger. Tap the screen to play music; tap 'Music' to browse your collection. The home screen can be customized to your taste, so you always know where to find that song you've had stuck in your head all day. Decided to play it spontaneous? Shake to Shuffle lets you shake up your music, so you never know what you'll hear next.

For those who like to exercise but don't necessarily want to carry their whole life with them on a run, leave your iPhone at home for a bit. The iPod Nano has a few neat features for all types of fitness, from the built in accelerometer to its very design. It can keep track of your workout, from steps taken to the time used to take said steps. iPod Nano can be clipped on, making it eminently convenient when you'll be doing lots of moving; no need to worry about dropping your iPod with it clipped right to your sleeve.

Even when you're not actively using your iPod Nano, it can still be of use to you. Attach the iPod to a watchband, choose a watch face and go. You'll be telling time in style: your own. And, if you decide later you'd rather go digital because the cute cartoon faces of Mickey Mouse or Animal don't quite fit your mood? Change it! There are 18 different clock faces available, there's an option for every occasion.

iPod Nano is a sleek, compact and convenient music player that moves with you; whether you feel like relaxing to some blues or working out to some rock and roll, the iPod Nano is right for you.

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