Finding your way around the iPhone

With any new technology device there are persons who can find their way around the device without a manual, while others need a manual plus some extra help. Below are a few tips you can use to help you to navigate around your iOS device.

Home screen

Upon turning on your device, your home screen is the first thing that you see. There is a variety of icons that are grouped in rows, as well as icons grouped together below your screen along the silver bar. These icons are your applications or apps. Right above the dock you may notice some dots, one of them being highlighted. These dots are the number of pages that you have per app.

The Dock

This is a silver bar, as mentioned above, that is found straight across the bottom of your screen. The icons within the Dock do not change. The reason for this is that the icons that are found here signify the apps that you frequently use. You can store up to four apps here.


With the spotlight you can surf the web. This app is found on the Home screen. To start your search just type in what you are looking for in the text box that is located at the top of the screen.

Open or close an app

This is simple, all you need to do to open an app is to tap on the icon. If you wish to return to the Home screen at any time just press the home button.

Rearranging and deletion of apps

If you want to rearrange your apps or organize them into folders, all you do is tap and then hold on the app icon, and it would take you to edit mode. Wait until there is an X on your icons before attempting to rearrange them.

If you want to delete apps that you have installed you can just tap on the X to delete it. Note however that you will not be able to delete apps that came with your device. Press your Home button when you have completed your rearranging or deletions.

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