Find Friends in an Instant with Your iPhone

As Apple launched its newest operating system called the iOS 5 last October 12, they have also launched a new application where you can find your family and friends easily. The application called Find My Friends has been a helpful tool for people who are looking for their friends and family. The good thing about this application is it is free for download, and it is compatible with the latest Apple Devices, such as iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPad 1 and 2, and the 4th generation of iPod touch.

Usually just like any other Apple applications, you need to download the application and install it on your device. After the installation, you may log in using your Apple ID and password. In order for you to find your friends, they should also install the application on their devices and tell them log in on their respective accounts.

The Find My Friends application has been a hit to a lot of people, because they find the application very useful. But if you are worried of giving out too much information about your whereabouts, you may simply limit the information that you share with your friends. You can change the settings of the application, wherein you will only let your friends find you for a limited time. This setting is ideal for people who want a little privacy.

You will surely love locating your family and friends because the user interface of this application can be navigated easily. You won't also have a hard time setting your controls for privacy, because the developer made sure that you can set it up easily.

What are you waiting for? Start downloading your Find My Friends application for free, to start tracking the whereabouts of your friends and family. Remember to add them on your list, for you to accurately locate them.

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