Do you know your MAC?

If you are a true internet user, you would have seen quite a lot of debates trying to convince persons of which is the better computer a Mac or PC. If you want to be sure continue reading and you will see for yourself that a Mac is the better computer to work with. The reality is a Mac is a PC or is it?

The definition of PC is personal computer, which makes a Mac a PC in its own rights. So are you wondering why we don’t call a Mac a PC, well here’s why, a Mac is differently branded from a PC, because it uses different software.

Yes, the Pc and the Mac may both have the same components and parts such as the processor, graphics card, motherboard and even RAM memory, but with a difference of software is where the real definition begins.

A Mac computer uses OS X operating system, which runs with Linux or Windows. Apple has ensured that this operating system only works with Mac computers. This OS X uses its own distinct programming as well as applications.

With a Mac computer, you can upgrade the hard drive capacity and RAM memory, but that’s about it. A Mac does not offer much customization options when it comes to its hardware, unless it’s a Mac Pro.

The Mac’s ingenious manufacturer, Steve Jobs, ensured that Apple is the only company that supplies Mac software and hardware. He was able to combine the Mac software to work exclusively with Mac hardware, so if you don’t have a Mac the OS X disc would not work in your computer. Do the wheels of a BMW work on any other car? Not at all. The parts for a Mac are expensive but they surely are worth every penny.

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